Máy cắt Coritec 340i

Máy cắt Coritec 340i

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Optimized Milling Results with Higher Productivity

The new CORiTEC 340i from iMES-iCORE opens up the road to dental automation. Space saving and very compact the CORiTEC 340i emphasizes easy installation and multi-purpose usability. Due to an automated 10 times tool changer and 4-axes 45 units and more can be manufactured without changing the blank. The CORiTEC 340i is designed to dry-mill all important materials like Zirconium oxide, Aluminum oxide, resins and waxes. With the additional wet processing option it is furthermore possible to assimilate glass ceramic and lithium-disilicate blocks. 


 Ease of Use from a Powerful Machine


The CORiTEC 340i's used servo motor technology allows an accelerated processing at high dynamic with consistent high precision and quality. The new user surface "Remote DENTAL 2.0" inspires with the easiest operation allowing you to create perfect milling results with one mouse click. The CORiTEC 340i is well suitable for an entry into the dental CAD/CAM production at particularly highest flexibility and material diversity. The machine is also usable for enlarging your current CAD/CAM spectrum. 

Featured Product Highlights

  • The integrated servo motor technology allows a faster processing at consistent high quality
  • The fully automatic 10-times tool changer including automatic tool length control allows the complete tool assembly for all usable materials
  • tool lifetime controller with report
  • Automatic tool breakage control with tool change after wear-out
  •  Highest precision due to high frequency spindle with up to 100.000 rpm 


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